• Ga Kenkey

    Ga Kenkey

    Kenkey popular amount Fantis’, Ga’s and Ewes in Ghana West Africa.

    Prepared with corn dough and served with hot source or stew.


  • Banku Mix Flour by Madam Jas

    Banku Mix Flour by Madam Jas

    Favorite Ghanian dish served with hot pepper and fish or soup.


    Corn,  Casava

    How to prepare banku mix flour:

  • IMAD Egusi Ground (Melon Seeds)

    IMAD Egusi Ground

    Ingredients:  Melon Seeds

    Already ground Egusi for your favorite stew and soups.

  • Blu-Pearls White Gari

    Blue-Pearl’s White Gari

    Top Quality Brand

    All Natural

    9 serving per container

    Serving  size (100g)

    No preservatives, No additives

  • Mama’s Choice Plantain Fufu Mix

    Mama’s Choice Fufu Mix (Plantain) is a special flour used to make fufu. A traditional meal common Africa. This particular fufu brand is gluten-free.

  • Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour

    Plaintain fufu flour by Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour.

    This is a speciality flour specifically formulated to produce fufu, a close resemblance of dumpling. It can also be used for frying meats, fish and poultry as well as thickening gravy, soup or stew.

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